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apt-cacher-ng works as a proxy for downloading packages for the computers in the network.

It is extremely useful for updating multiple PCs in a single network location as only an instance of a package have to be downloaded for them to be mass-implemented.

The downloaded packages are stored in the server PC in a cache and can be used by the other PCs when required.



Server side

To install this package, enter the “apt-get update” followed by “apt-get install apt-cacher-ng” commands.

After the installation, open up “/etc/apt-cacher-ng/acng.conf” and add “proxy: http://PROXYADDRESS:PORT” to a new line.

Client side

For the client, all we have to do is to edit the sources.list by adding the proxy address and port that goes to the internet to the existing links.


To test if the proxy works, simply run “apt-get update” and if the update is successful, you now have a working proxy for downloading packages.