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To setup RSYSLOG with Cisco router, we need to first install the packet on the linux by entering apt-get install rsyslog.

After installing the package, we will then proceed to configure the configuration by opening /etc/rsyslog.conf.

Uncomment # provides UDP syslog reception $ModLoad imudp $UDPServerRun 514 and then add local7.*   /var/log/cisco to the configuration.

Lastly, add $AllowedSender UDP,, (ip address) to the end of the configuration file. Restart the service by service rsyslog restart. Create the log file in /var/log/ by entering touch cisco.


For the router, enable logging by entering logging host (linux ip address) sequence-num-session in the global configuration mode. logging trap (1-7) to filter out the priority of the logs.

Generate some logging traffic and verify if the logging is sucessful or not by opening the log file created in /var/log/cisco.