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NFS on Windows allows us to share files between Windows and Debian.

To share files on Windows.

Install NFS role service from the File Service role.

Install Identity Management for UNIX role service from the AD domain service role.


Create an AD group and give the group a GID of 0 and change the NIS server domain to your domain name. Name of AD group should be one word.

Go to the AD user that will be used to access the NFS server, set the UID to 0, select the domain for the NIS primary domain list and pick the group that we previously created as the Primary group. This will link the user account to the root account.

Open the Service for NFS from administrator’s tool.

Right click on “Services for NFS” and select properties

Tick “Active Directory domain name” and enter the domain name in the field below.

Go to a folder that you’d like to share,¬† right click and select properties. Go to the new NFS Share tab.

Tick “Share this folder”, enter your preferred Share name.

Click on “Permissions”.

Tick “Allow root access” and change type of access to “read-write”.

Make sure that the AD user that was linked with the root account also have read-write permission for the shared folder.

To mount the folder onto Debian by entering the mounting command below.

mount WindowsServer:/Public /mnt/tmp

Verify mounting result.