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To recover your password for your Cisco router, we need to boot into romon mode. This can be done by pressing the key “Break” on your terminal. If “Break” alone doesn’t boot you into the romon mode, visit this URL for alternatives. For Putty terminal, use ctrl+break.

In the romon mode, we have to change the configuration register. By default, it is usually 0x2102 or 0x102. To bypass the configured password, we ‘ll have to change it to 0x2142. To do so, enter the following command.

confreg 0x2142


Reboot the router by entering reset into the romon 2 prompt.

Say no to the initial configuration wizard and go into privileged mode and Copy the startup config to the running config.

copy startup-config running-config


Do a show runing-config and your unencrypted passwords should now be in plain sight.

For enable secret passwords, we’ll have to reassign another password and rewrite the startup config.

enable secret cisco


Do a no shutdown for all of the interfaces before saving the config to the startup-config.

Set the configuration register back to 0x2102 and reboot.

config-register 0x2102