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Backup and Restore is a Windows feature that was introduced in Vista and included with the later versions of their OS. This feature allows the user to backup their files or the system image.

To set up a backup, open Backup and Restore from control panel.

Select Set up backup.

Select the disk that you’re going to use to store the back up or select a network directory by clicking on Save on a network.

Click Next.

Select Let me choose. I’m sure you would like to know what is going to be backed up and what is not.

Click Next.

Tick on the files and directories and files that you want to back up.

By ticking Include a system image of drives: System Reserved, (X:), you’re making a image file that consist of the system files which will be a great help if your system disk crashed.

Click Next.

At this page, you can view the summary of the configurations that you’ve just made.

Backup and Restore is scheduled to do a automated backup every Sunday at 7:00 PM. You can change that by click on Change schedule.

Scheduling back ups.

Once you’re done, click OK and Save settings and run backup.

This is how it should look when the the back up is complete.