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To create a isatap tunnel between a client and a router, we will need to create a virtual tunnel interface in the router. But first, we’ll do some assign the IP addresses and enable ipv6 routing. To do that, Enter the following commands in the router.

> conf t
 # ipv6 unicast-routing
 # int int f0/0
 # ip add
 # no shut
 # int f0/1
 # ipv6 add 2a02:2590:6:602::1/64
 # no shut
 # ipv6 nd prefix 2a02:2590:6:601::/64
 # no ipv6 nd ra suppress


To add a virtual interface, enter the following commands.

# int tunnel 0
 # ipv6 address 2a02:2590:6:601::/64
 # tunnel source
 # tunnel mode ipv6ip isatap


Once we’ve finish setting up the router, we can move onto the windows client. Assign a ipv4 ip address to the client.

Open up netsh with command prompt.

netsh>interface>ipv6>isatap>set state enable
 netsh>interface>ipv6>isatap>set router


You should now be able to ping the ipv6 address on the other side of the router now.