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Set up TFTP server on a PC and place the IOS image in the directory.

Connect the PC to FE0/0 port on the router using a crossover cable as the tftpdnld wizard uses that port as default.

Boot up the router. If the IOS is not in the flash, it will boot into the rommon mode. If it doesn’t go into rommon mode automatically, do a Ctrl+Break for putty(visit this URL for alternative key input for rommon mode).

Once we’re in the romon mode, we have to specify the following parameters.

  • IP address
  • subnet mask
  • default gateway
  • tftp server’s ip address
  • ios filename

Enter the following commands.

rommon 1 > IP_ADDRESS=
rommon 2 > IP_SUBNET_MASK=
rommon 4 > TFTP_SERVER=
rommon 5 > TFTP_FILE=c1841-adventerprisek9-mz.124-24.T3.bin
rommon 6 > TFTP_VERBOSE=2
rommon 6 > tftpdnld


The download should start after entering the tftpdnld command.

After the download is completed, router should automatically reboot and boot into the downloaded IOS.